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Thanks for your interest in machine wisdom and machine learning applied to the problem of "smart" building heating, cooling and energy management.

Researchers at Ball State University and the University of Pittsburgh are attempting to design a system which makes ethically appropriate decisions about heating and cooling based on feedback from building occupants such as yourself.

More information about the overall project in which this study is a part can be found at The Machine Wisdom Project. The EMMA subproject page has information specific to this portion of the project.


EMMA is available only for Android and iOS users.

For the app to be fully functional you can either complete the registration survey or answer some questions in the app the first time you use it. The registration survey will return you to this page.

  • Tapping the following link will take you to the Android store from where the app can be installed on Android phones and tablets: EMMA for Android devices
  • Tapping the following link will take you to the App Store for the iPhone version: EMMA for iOS